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full control
of your cargo by GPS System

Total control over your cargo thanks to GPS! All our vehicles are equipped with satellite tracking systems GPS, which allows for direct and immediate localization of transport and cargo.

Mega trailer
this is a trailer, which has 101cmb (34 euro pallets) and raise roof - maximum height is : 3m. We use Mega trailer to national and international transportation :

IMPET is a company offering transportation services mainly concerned with transportation of goods of different sorts. We offer you national and international transportation. Besides international transportation, which is our specialty, our offer includes national transportation and forwarding.

International and national transport

“IMPET” was established in 1984. Our business includes services regarding international and national road transport of goods.

We are specialized in organizing two-way transportation to and from such countries as: Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, as well as Czech Republic and Germany. We are equally efficient when dealing with services within the borders of our country. Our main domain is a well equipped fleet, quickness and reliability of transports.

We take extraordinary care of goods left in our care.

We fully understand all our clients, who, by their orders, give us their full trust. Therefore, we give you our reliable and well-qualified staff, modern equipment and additional security measures, namely our insurance policy, which protects goods transported by us against any possible random events.

On our side – we offer you highest quality transportation, required quality of services including both transportation and forwarding.


Many years of experience have allowed us to deal with forwarding in broad meaning of the word. For several years, apart from our own orders, we have been organizing transportation of goods to and from our customers.
That is because our customer’s success is our success and good luck.


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